Manage your digital strategy

Customer Relation Management

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, leverage automation to move fast, while always giving customers a human, helpful experience.

Customise the notifications and keep track of all the information.
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Target the full cycle of the customer journey

CRM solution covering wine tourism and wine sales, equipped with features designed for the business communication of the wine industry.

Simplify daily management:

A single tool for commercial management, reservation, sales, payments and communication.

Save time and money:

Automate repetitive tasks, optimize processes and reduce costs.

Improve customer communication:

Tools for emailing, reminders, multilingual options and more.

Better decision-making:

Access to key data and precise analyzes to inform strategic decisions.

Automated  emailing service

Custom notifications available in multiple languages. Enable automatic notifications to take full control of consumer communications. Confirm reservations, cancellations and other transactions.
Personalised emails
Reminders, follow up, thank you notes
Reviews and forms  
From sales confirmations to strategic follow-ups, effortlessly keep your customers engaged.
Say farewell to manual confirmation emails – our automated customer communications eliminate delays and ensuring timely delivery.
Never worry about typing another confirmation email again!

Historic tracking & reporting

Measure what matters with easy-to-use reports. Manage your data, historic, and customer informations all in one place. Using a single, integrated platform, you can easily manage and reply to your customers, track your sales and bookings and obtain real-time data.

Customer membership account

Give access to your services: wine sales, tastings, wine club, special discount and offers, etc. The account helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy. It is connected to past bookings and purchases. Enable one click checkout for your regular customers.
The 360° wine software solutions for optimised customer experience